Modular system based on anodised-aluminium uprights. Coloured glass shelves tempered using the sublimation technique (coloured, semi-transparent) or satin-finished (neutral, semi-transparent).
Wooden shelves in chipboard clad with laminate in white or dark oak finish; glossy white and metallic gray shelving clad with acrylic leaf. Iron clothes bar.
Chest of drawers for walk-in wardrobe, made fully from panels clad with laminate.
Chest of drawers for living room in veneered oak (dynamic model) and profiles in anodised aluminium; glossy chest of drawers with panels clad with acrylic leaf.
The uprights can be personalised with a vast range of variants, decorated with HPL laminates or ABS edging.


  • Using laminate and acrylic leaf avoids significant changes in colour between the shelves, including after prolonged exposure to sunlight, and excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Option to install with floor-to-ceiling uprights based on customer measurements and without making holes in the walls.
  • Both wall-mounted and doubled-sided bookcases can be created.
  • Various types of furnishing screens can be matched for the partition.
  • The shelves can be moved vertically or added at a later stage, simply by slackening two screws.
  • Accessories such as clothes bars and drawers to
    create shelving for walk-in wardrobes, storage
    cupboards and shops are also available.

Partition walls-dividing walls, decorative doors and bookcases

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